Tokyo, Japan

Hotel: Intercontinental, Yokohama

Things You Must Do:

1. Go Shopping in Shibuya

2. Ride the train 

3. Take a Japanese cooking class 

4. Eat Eat Eat

5. Go to a Japanese Hip=Hop club

I absolutely loved Japan. Great energy, extremely polite people, very clean and the shopping is the best!.... Harijuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya, LOVE. We stayed at the Intercontinental Yokohama which is a bit away from where I wanted to be but it worked out better this way. The hotel is on the older side because this area of Japan is very traditional and the toilets have a remote control.... because it's like a shit machine, literally. Toto toilet, google it! We visited the Cup Of Noodle museum and got lost on the subway, fun!. Oh, and see that metallic plate of sushi? I made it! Yes, I'm proud. In Japan it's all about the food and the presentation is AMAZING. Yes, go to Japan if you can. But save your coins because it will cost you!


Nike + Japan collab

Japan has some of the best sneakers!  YESSS!!

My Sushi Masterpiece

Mikako invited us into her home for an amazing sushi making experience. This is how it went...

If you ever find yourself in Tokyo and want to make sushi go see Mikako (ask me how)! She has a beautiful home and she is an amazing Sushi Master.

Japanese food is really an experience!

Mikako making sure I'm cooking the rice correctly!
I'm just having fun making some sushi rice
The secret is in the rice
The Husband having fun being extra, of course!
I'm officially OFFICIAL!
Finished masterpiece
You needed to see it closer.... yes, i'm proud!
Sushi Recipe
Sushi Recipe