Answer your f**king phone! Part 1

My mother does this thing where she does not answer her phone when she's.... busy. My grandmother also had some kind of phone issue and now that I think about it I have symptoms of Hate Talking on the Phone disease, too. But now that will change. Ok, maybe not.

Almost two days had passed since I talked to my mother. I try to catch up with friends and family while sitting in LA traffic driving to and from the office. My mother's time slot is usually around 8am or 5pm, a few times a week. After almost two days of unanswered text messages, phone calls and emails I started to get angry. About 10 years ago she retired and moved from NY to an upscale adult community in Kissimmee, FL but still taught part time at the local college. Thanks to my better than average detective skills and Google I was able to find her work email. I sent her a not so nice email demanding that she at least let me know that she is OK.... still no response.

The next morning I called her again.... nothing.

The anger turned into fear. I replayed our last conversation in my mind. The conversation went as it normally does.... I'm cursing at the non-driving LA folk and she's talking to her 3 fur sons that she treats like humans. Nothing strange there. So why the fuck is she not answering her phone?

During my drive to the office I sent a text... yes, I said drive and text. it's LA cars are not moving.... to the one friend I knew in her community and asked her if she could go to my mother's house and check on her.

Authorities were called.... and then I got a call from the Officer.

My mother was found unresponsive laying in her bedroom fully dressed. An officer was able to access to her house by climbing through an unlocked window. She had a massive stroke in two parts of her brain and laid there for over 40 hours waiting to be rescued.

To be continued....