I just finished talking to one of my good friends who recently lost a friend to suicide. She told me how badly she felt because she should've done more. She helped this friend during tough times but said she should've done more. She offered her home to this friend but still, she said she should've done more... I told her to STOP!

When I hear "suicide" I think of my niece who died in a very similar way to my friend's friend. Devastating. Similarly to my friend, I spoke to my niece a couple of days before her passing and I was very much at peace with our relationship. I often think about her always asking to pick out my outfits. "Auntie Dila do you have a date tonight? Can I please pick out your outfit?". Because, throughout her short life she knew Auntie Dila always had a date and it was her job to be my stylist.

Since my niece's passing I made a promise to myself to always treat people the way I want to be treated, for real. Not a fake IG "quote of the day" post real but for real for real. My way of maintaining a peaceful relationship when souls transition into the spiritual world. So far it has been working for me. When someone I care about reaches out for help I will do my best to be supportive but I will not beat myself up if I can't. In this case, Friend really tried so she was not allowed to beat herself up during our phone call.

Oh and Friend, you better not cry when you read this. I don't do adult cries very well.... Glad you laughed your way off the phone. My job is done here.


Adila F.Q.