Cali vs York

First of all, I'm from Brooklyn so you already....

So much can be said about both coasts. Most people love one and hate the other.

I purposely left music out of this.... no debate at all for me. Biggie, Jay Z, Nas... I'll stop there. No other trio can compare!

Here's my 5 cents about some other stuff...


Winner: New York

"New Yorkers are so rude".... is what I keep hearing.

No, we are not rude. We just have shit to do. The "Angelenos" are SLOW as fuck with every damn thing.

Driving, walking, talking....

In LA nobody walks. They get in their Tesla... because everyone in LA has a Tesla, X5 or Range Rover.... drive 4 blocks and pull up to the coffee shop.

Maybe walking is just a NY thing but why sit in traffic to drive 4 blocks?

LA is all about Phony! From personalities to Louis Vuitton.... Fake it til you make it is the motto in Los Angeles!

People really do care about what you drive, where you live and what you do in LA. It's all about an image. Fake or not, they care. "What Do You Do?" really means, let me judge you and see if you're worth talking to.

Nobody talks to each other in LA.... actually that's not true. They do talk, about dumb shit, a, the weather. Why is talking about the weather dumb shit? Because the weather is the same every day! They also fluff talk around what it is they really want to say. The sensitivity around everything is hilariously annoying to me. I was once reprimanded for typing "Sure!" In an email. I was told the exclamation mark makes "sure" seem sarcastic....well, sure means SURE!


Winner: California

NY has 4 seasons.... people look forward to it. Lives are planned around the welcomed temperature change. In LA every day is exactly the same and you do the same shit all year long. A lot of outdoorsy stuff to do in LA.

Yes, overall LA may have the better weather. I missed dressing for the seasons especially the fall and spring. But, no... I did not miss the snow or the biting cold.

New York is electrifying. You can feel the energy immediately. November and December in NYC is a whole feeling. The holidays in general just make people feel good, especially in NYC. The crisp air, shopping, holiday music, lights, people... the energy is truly something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Yes, the cold weather too. Bundle up bitches!

But, I will shut up about the weather and give this one to Cali..... because overall it is nicer, just a little!


Winner: New York

LA food consists of tacos, salads and sushi. The salads are really amazing tho. The freshest ingredients from local farmers, so they got salads... and they got sushi, it's pretty good. I hear the tacos are good but I'm not really a taco person. So I wouldn't know. I don't think i've eaten a taco in the 2 years I’ve lived there. There is a taco restaurant or taco truck on every street. People taco every damn day... not just on Tuesday!

NY has amazing from food everywhere... EVERYWHERE. Period!

NY has cupcakes and LA has donuts.... both are yummm... who doesn't love sugar and bread?

Cost of Living

Winner: New York

Most people think New York is more expensive... but the taxes alone make LA the loser.

NYC sales tax is 8.82%

LA sales tax is 9.5%

NYC top income tax is 12.7%

LA top income tax is 13.3%

I'm no math whiz but I know those small percentages make a huge difference... my $50 monthly car note increase and my annual $300 car registration confirms it.


Winner: New York

Traffic much LA? I don't understand LA traffic. Seems like people are so used to sitting in traffic that they create the traffic. Everyone drives at 40 miles an hour, next to each other with no cars in from of them and the cars behind them just, patiently wait... because everyone is slow, always.

In NY there is heavy traffic but it's usually only during rush hour. From 7pm to 7am the streets are pretty much free unless there is some type of construction happening. Because, in NY construction never ends.

NYC has the subway, Metro North and the Long Island Railroad. They run 24/7.

LA has some train thing that nobody rides.

Other Stuff


New York

Unless you call leggings and sweatpants fashionable there is no fashion in LA. It's weird getting all dressed up to go to a fancy restaurant and the person next to me is in sweats and a t-shirt. I mean, I get it. I like to be comfortable too... but I also like to play dress up every once in a while.

NY shopping is a legit thing to do.... 5th avenue, Soho, Fashion district... Again, NY shopping is a legit thing to do.

Outdoorsy Shit


Peace and light and all things ZEN. I'll give that to LA. It's easy to find yourself and figure out who you are in LA since most activities are outside.... the beach, hiking, parks and a bunch of other outdoorsy shit to do every day.

LA was a great place to be during the pandemic... Outside was not really closed in LA. Instead, it was lit!

My LAXsperience began two years ago and ended about a month ago. I wasn’t feeling it much at all. But, that's not surprising, you don't need feelings there... all you have to do is fake it til you make it!


Adila F.Q.