Challenge: Push It Up, Pull It Up... Let's GO!

Sometimes things don't go as planned... like workouts! I really try but my mind doesn't always cooperate! So, y'all have to help me! The Husband challenged me to do 10 push-ups and/or pull-ups. I failed.... don't laugh when you scroll down to the ridiculous videos! I'm trashing my original post about Couple Workout Goals (because clearly that didn't work out well) and I'm going to challenge you instead. This will also be a challenge for me! I don't lose well!

The Husband is my best workout motivator, besides wanting to eat a bunch of sweets! It's hard to keep up with his workouts.... he is just way too extra at times! Since the pandemic hit we have consistently been working out together at least about 5 times a week. But, after 45 min to an hour of being in the gym i'm done! So my strength training sucks.

Just to be clear, I like to work out... because I have to work out... because I love to eat! But, my workouts don't involve pull-ups, push-ups, burpees and exercises that make me feel like I'm about to die. Instead, I like to run, ride the bike, elliptical... you know, girlie shit.

However, I'm no quitter. I still try. Then he went and challenged me! This was my first attempt after a very long hiatus.

So, I challenge you 20!

Show me what you got!


The 22nd, 42nd and 62nd (Yes, I like the number 2) person.... ummm, ladies only.... to send a video to of herself doing any variation of 20 push-ups and pull-ups CORRECTLY, not like my crazy attempts in the videos above.... with no cuts and pastes... will win a Mantra Mug. Winners will be announced on IG @labrandshe. You will have to follow and subscribe in order to qualify!

And no, I'm not sexist, men already got this! It's Her turn!

Have fun!

You will get stronger... and that is the ultimate goal! Join me on this journey to show The Husband that we can do it! Plus, who doesn't like free stuff?

....You're already a winner!


Adila F.Q.