Why Don't More Brown People Golf?

Drive... Put... Par...

I've been playing golf with The Husband for almost a year.... and during today's round I realized that I have not seen one Black woman on the course. I don't know what made me think about this today. I've seen very few Black men and absolutely no Black women. Interesting.

Before I started to write this I took it to Google... "Do Black Women Golf?".... The results were all the same. One story of racial bias from 2 years ago. The owner of a country club in PA called the police on a group of Black women golfers... Read about it here.

Google had nothing else to offer.

I'm just starting this whole golf thing. It's something to do with The Husband during this pandemic but golf really isn't something I think about doing. To me, watching golf is like watching paint dry but playing golf is actually fun.... once you make contact with the ball!

But, I never really cared who golfed and why.

Until today. So, why don't more Brown people play golf?

I've heard two reasons why... which I personally do not agree with.

It's an expensive sport

Most of the sports that Black people dominate are free to learn... Basketball and Football.

A large percentage of professional athletes come from low income households. Therefore, they don't have the luxury of golf and tennis lessons due to the cost.

It's a White people sport

The cost makes sense as to why they say it's a White sport... Because White people can afford to gift their kids golf lessons. But, It's really not a White people thing like it’s perceived to be. It could be more of an economic and social class thing... either way let’s change this perception!

How does the saying go? When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

I'm not here to tell people what to do. I play golf because The Husband surprised me with a set of cute pink and grey golf clubs so I would want to play... he was right.

If The Husband loves it, I like it... I have to. We bond over golf. It's actually great quality time!

I swing with all my strength like Tiger Woods and them but most of the time the club does not hit the ball and air swings are defeating!

The thing about golf is there is no team. It's not like Taboo where some slowpoke doesn't know how to give clues correctly so the whole team suffers. With golf I can only get upset with me when I fuck up!

But, I would like to see a little bit of color on the course.

So, to my Brown hermanas.... pull up to a course and get you some vitamin D and exercise.

So what if you don’t know how! That’s what the adult sippy cup is for. Fill it up and have fun! Make a date out of it!


Adila F.Q.