Do's & Don'ts of Juicing At Home.

After five weeks straight of eating cakes, cookies, fried foods, bad foods, any foods and drinking some type of alcohol every single day I had to STOP! See below. Yup, I was doing way too much. It was the beginning of quarantine and who knew what we were in for?

My body started to do something weird and I had super low energy every morning even after my morning dose of Cafe Bustello. My body was talking to me and I needed to listen. According to Google I either had cancer or some other horrible disease. Everything I read suggested that I stop eating refined sugar and drinking alcohol and replace with green anything. So, I decided to cure my self diagnosed disease and I stopped eating shitty.... But even better, I convinced my husband that we need a juicer!

FYI, this was the first few seconds with my new toy but things changed quickly.

There are quite a few posts about juicing but they tend to discuss nutrition and juicer information. Here are a few other tips I wish I knew before trying to be cute...

Do wear protective gear.... Think full on hazmat suit. Most likely you don't own one so a garbage bag and a plastic cap will do. I had green fruity pulp all over myself. Hours later I found a small piece of apple peel in my hair. Yes, I'm serious.

Don't juice near a wall... It took a few magic erasers and some serious elbow grease to get the green and red off of my white tile backsplash. Not fun!

Do "borrow" produce bags from your local grocery store.... They won't notice, I promise. This is huge. Place a bag in the waste compartment of the juicer for easy cleaning.

Don't cheap out on the containers... If you're going to do it, then do it! There are plenty of cute containers out there. Just make sure the lid closes tightly so your juices can last for a few days.

Do cover the floor around your juicing space.... everything will fall on the floor and you will step in it and spread green love all over the kitchen. Try using a few paper bags for easy disposal.

Don't forget to have fun... because it really was fun to act like a professional juicer and push the fruit down the juicing shoot. Kids would love to do this too!

..... and after a couple of fabulous tasting juices the juicer has been looking cute in the kitchen next to my pink Keurig ever since.

So, if you decide to buy a juicer I have one for sale....joking! Just know what you’re getting yourself into because I damn sure didn't!

Need help choosing a juicer?

First you have some decisions to make.... think about what types of fruits and vegetables you will be juicing so you can get a juicer that will accommodate your needs.

Basically, if you will be juicing ginger, beets, and other ground vegetables you will need a juicer that is powerful.

I have Breville Juice Fountain Plus, pictured below. I am pleased with it.... I just hate cleaning it afterwards. Maybe one day the Juice Gods will invent a self cleaning juicer... until then, be prepared!

See the link below for all of their juicer options.

Of course, you can do your own research as there are many juicers out there but I can only recommend what I know works!

My favorite recipe is:

Green Lemonade







Remember, you will be drinking your vegetables instead of eating them like a salad. Don't go overboard with the ingredients. Just be sure to add 2 apples and 1/2 lemon (peel on) per serving. They will offset the green taste because drinking kale is bitter!.... Close your eyes and you wont know it's green. Yes, I do that.... always.

Happy Juicing!

Adila F.Q.