Fall Hair 5 Ways.... Protect & Style

Listen Up ladies! The fall has arrived and that means it’s time to care for our stressed out, sun drenched, dry hair!

Many of us disregard the importance of maintaining the integrity of our hair due to many factors including the weather. In some cases weather can be one of the main causes of split ends, breakage, and major damage. Implementing protective styles into your hair care regimen will reward you with benefits of length retention, growth and overall healthy-looking hair.

Let’s jump right in and cover the basics! First, check those ends! Yes, make sure your ends are trimmed if they are damaged. You do not want to be walking around holding onto raggedy, thin looking strands.

Second, make sure to moisturize and seal your hair regularly!

Third, refrain from over-styling/heating your tresses and adding unnecessary tension on your scalp. Over time, this will not be a good look!

So, here are 5 protective styles that will have you looking chic this fall.... your mane will thank you later.


1. Buns

There are so many varieties to this hairstyle. Go ahead and play around with different looks like the messy version, classic one, high or low braided style. The choice is yours... feel free to experiment with different looks to complement... YOU!

2. Braids

The possibilities are endless. Girl, there's double French braid style, box and knotless boxed braids, cornrows, crochet ones, and the list goes on and on. Transform your everyday look instantly with a variety of braid styles that will help keep your hair protected.

3. Wigs

The ultimate go to for a lot of ladies nowadays! It’s no longer considered something only

granny would wear! So many styles, textures, colors, lengths, hair densities and qualities to select from. In a matter of minutes one can switch up their look effortlessly without damaging the hair. If you want to give your hair a rest this is the style to opt for. Just remember to take good care of your hair underneath by deep conditioning weekly and applying oils to your scalp.

4. Hat Styles

Any given day your hair can become unmanageable due to humidity, rain, harsh winds and whatever else Mother Nature’s mood will determine! This is were a hat comes into play! You have the ability to style your hair freely and still look fucking amazing! Choose from a low bun, braids or tuck it away and rock that hat so other women will feel inspired to do so the same.

5. Hair Scarves

Where can you possibly go wrong with a scarf? The selection of colors and fabrics are limitless. There are many different styles and it will add a pop of color to your crown. Don’t be afraid to try new looks. You will be the main attraction with your flamboyant self.

- Denise Reyes