Dear American Airlines...

I have been wearing a face mask on planes since my trip to Asia in October (2019)

The Husband and I traveled from LA to Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Bangkok In 3 weeks.

That’s a lot of fucking air time on a lot of fucking planes! I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive the flights without freaking out but I did it.

Everyone wore masks, everywhere! I did too!

Then, in early January Mom had a severe stroke. From January to March I was on an American Airlines plane every other week from CA to FL.

Sometimes I bought a first class ticket but most times I was upgraded. Thanks American!

I’m loyal. I fly American because it makes sense to me.

The planes are new.

The points are good.

The food is decent.

But mostly because American and I have a 20 year relationship and I don’t feel like starting over with another loyalty program.

Like, with friends and family I’m loyal. Until you show me that I shouldn’t be.

Shit happens! Everyone makes mistakes but repeat “mistakes” are not acceptable to me especially when my money is involved.

I was super loyal to Citibank until they let someone put thousands of dollars of refrigerators and stoves on my debit card in Pakistan! How was that transaction even allowed? I’ve never been to Pakistan! They gave me hell to get my money back.... wasn’t able to pay rent and other bills. A fucking nightmare... then, a month later someone went to town at a Walmart with my checking account.

Bye Citi! Get your shit together!

I’m going with the darker blue bank.

Anyway, back to American, I’m treated well. So I felt comfortable traveling back and forth to Florida on a mechanical American bird.

Then the country started to take the Pandemic more seriously and everyone was in a frenzy! Mom wasn’t allowed visits.

I took one trip in April to handle all of her affairs and find her a new place to live. ... and today September 10th is my first flight since.

But, It’s very different here.

I bought a direct first class ticket... but they canceled that flight and rebooked me on a connection with a flight that leaves 33 minutes after I’m scheduled to land at the connecting point.

Gives me anxiety just thinking about it!

So.... here’s how it went!

Boarding plane 1 was good. No complaints there. Nobody is seated next to me. YAY!

But, this flight does not have champagne or sparking wine! Yes, I’m upset. I really looked forward to my light on the OJ mimosa!

This flight is only an hour so I don’t expect food. But I do expect a mimosa even if it’s only 7:20 in the morning!

After sitting in the runway forever we finally pull into the gate at the connecting airport, Phoenix. Of course they changed the connecting departing gate to one at the end of the fucking airport. There are people. Lots of them! Doing their west coast slow moving shit. I have 10 minutes to get to the gate before it closes. So I run, Pink Designer luggage toting Black girl coming thru.... Move Bitch, get out the way, get out the way Bitch, get out the way...

Plane 2 is packed and I have a seat mate. But, she is nice. And... I got my mimosa!

You get individual everything now so they don’t have much of a supply. I can have only one. I guess that’s a good thing considering it’s still before noon.

The food service SUCKS! No more warm towels, warm rolls, real cutlery and Mini ketchup cuteness. Now we have dry ass sandwiches And mustard packets.

I guess this is to be expected tho. Corona came in and shook up the world!!

American Airlines, overall you’re doing a good job. Keep the planes clean and keep the drinks coming.... you have me for life!


There's a man who keeps putting his feet on the wall.

People, keep your toes off the fucking wall!


Adila F.Q.