Healthy & Relaxed Hair

I know many women who have joined Team Natural and are getting back to their "roots".... but I'm not there yet.

My hair journey has been a real rollercoaster but I'm proof that it is possible to have healthy relaxed hair.

I was teased as a kid for having thick hair and now I'm frowned upon as an adult for relaxing my hair. You can't please everyone which is why I don't even try to anymore. Plus, my hair is healthier than many Team Naturalites... so I can do a little shit talking, too.

Since I know I'm not the only creamy crack lover who relaxes her tresses .... I'm going to share my tips on how I keep my relaxed hair healthy.

1. No Cheapskates Allowed ... Make sure a professional is relaxing your hair every 6-9 weeks!

Don't try and cheap out and do it yourself or have a friend do it... unless that friend is licensed or experienced. There are methods to applying the relaxer. Leave it to the experts!

2. Roll It Up... Say goodbye to unnecessary heat when you have relaxed hair. No blow drying and if you do, only blow the new growth. My stylist took a photo and showed me how healthy my hair is so I'm sharing... because it is possible!

3. Deep Condition the Cuticle Layers.... preferably with a steamer or oxygenating machine. Just make sure some kind of heat is applied.

4. Hydrate Those Follicles... and this means more than smearing oils and masks on your hair. I mean drink WATER! Lots of it. Staying healthy is an inside job, just like everything else. Hair included.

"Fix your hair inside out by eating foods like avocado, walnuts, tahini and olives." - Monica Wright, Salon Look Atlanta

5. Cut Off the Dead Weight ... Again, I'm no professional but I'm telling you what works for me. I get a good trim every 8-10 weeks. A "good trim" depends on my mood and who is doing the trimming. Some stylists think trim means cut 3+ inches. I freak out when I see long strands falling to the floor, then I am upset with the stylist the rest of the time I'm there. My rule is, if my hair is trimmed regularly then only the ends should need some maintenance.

6. Silky Nights... Use a silk scarf or silk pillowcase at night, I've even tied a silk scarf around a pillow. Whatever you choose just try to use silk or a non abrasive satin. Cotton dries out your hair and can cause breakage.

7. Workout Sweats ... Years ago I didn't go as hard as I should've in the gym because I didn't want to ruin my roller set. So I get the "I don't want to mess up my hair" dilemma! But I figured out what works for me! What I do now is I put my hair in a loose bun high on top of my head. My hair lasts longer between washes since most of my hair is protected and doesn't get all sweaty and sticky.

8. (Try to) Be Stress Free.... I know this one can be hard! Sometimes we cannot control how our bodies react to certain stress. My hair has fallen out in patches when I'm stressed, so I know the feeling. Lesson learned! I'll never let anyone stress me to the point that I have handfuls of hair dropping to the floor again!

Again, I'm no expert. I'm just telling you what works for me!


Adila F.Q.