Abner Louima, 1997.

I will never forget how I felt the first time I heard about him being sodomized by the police with a plunger. I remember being so confused about why and how it happened... Especially by the POLICE!

Since then anything resembling a plunger, broomstick, etc. reminds me of Abner. The physical pain he must've felt having this object shoved up his rectum and rupturing his bladder then shoved into his mouth is repulsive.

What kind of hate do you have in your heart to do that to another human?

The names have become a blur...

1991 - Rodney King, beaten by police

1999 - Amadou Diallo, unarmed man who died in a hail of 41 bullets

2006 - Sean Bell, unarmed man who died in a hail of 50 bullets

2020 - George Floyd, unarmed man choked to death

Click here for a complete list of unarmed Black people killed by police.

l feel exhausted. I feel helpless. I feel rage. I feel fear.

We only matter when we are entertaining....

Black culture is everywhere yet Black people are not treated equally.

During my run this morning the sweat dripping down my face from the 85 degree weather helped hide my tears. Another video has surfaced of an unarmed Black man being shot in the back multiple times at close range by the police... in front of his children.

His children are forever scarred.

The visuals of a police officer shooting their father in the back will forever be embedded in their mind. Little boys sometimes dream of being police officers because police officers put bad guys in jail. They are the protector of the people.

But, what happens when the bad guys are the police officers?

Who will protect us then?

How do you explain this to a child and expect him to respect police? How do you expect any person who witnessed police abuse their power as a child grow up to be an adult who respects the police?


The comments to justify this latest shooting are never ending which make these incidents more painful.

But he should not have walked away...

But he should have obeyed the cop’s demands...

But he reached into the car...

People do not get it. There are so many people who believe....

....Actually, I've said this already. I’m tired and I’m done.


Adila F.Q