LBS Approved: Luxe Allure Swim

There's a new swimwear line that we have fallen in love with! Not just because the suits are cute and sexy but because of the motivation and dedication behind it.

This mommy daughter duo were tired of the limited swimwear options for curvy girls so they did what some can only dream of.... they decided to create their own, Luxe Allure Swim.

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Kisha and Dallis are on a mission to show women of all sizes that they can be super sexy in that two-piece. Yes, that one with the tiny strings that exposes all of your sexy... in a tasteful way.

Let's be real, all swimsuits are not created equally. Like a lot of women, I am not so secure with my beach body so I'm always covering up. I used to avoid pool parties and going to the beach because I was so uncomfortable. I could not find flattering swimwear at all. Over the years I've learned to accept all of my dimples, marks and curves so I now know what works and what doesn't ... which is very important. I still don't flaunt around in a string bikini but I don't wear huge black coverups anymore either.

Our goal is to empower women to love every inch of their bodies - Kisha, Luxe Allure Swim

I'm looking forward to wearing my Luxe Allure Swimsuit when I finally get to a beach and I'll be sure to post a pic or three... if summer 2020 is not totally canceled!

But don't take my word for it... try it!

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Adila F.Q.