LBS Obsession #1: The Sarini Cape

Sarini - Water Lily

This is where we get all intimate with my closet and I introduce you the pieces I cannot live without .... because I'm obsessed!

Sometimes I wish I did not have to wear clothes! But I don't have a Rihanna body.... I have dimples and marks to deal with that I have finally accepted. I've learned what works and does not work for my body. Like, a light flowy cover-up piece that will drape over my stomach, ass, legs... or whatever unflattering body part I'm upset with that day.

This has been going on for years.... and I have accumulated every style option in my closet to prove it. But this one of my favorites!

The Sarini Cape by Allison Anthonisz has been one of my go to cover-ups.... but not just when I'm poolside.

I wear it with jeans, dresses and over my swimsuit.

I just love a versatile piece that is really worth it every penny!


About the designer...

Born Sri Lanka and raised in Australia, Allison is a mom of two adorable children, a wife and a full time businesswoman.

She is also a Co-Founder and Vice President of the non profit Travel & GIVE that provides multi sensory education and training to under served schools and orphanages in Haiti and Kenya. 

What is your go to favorite when you need a little extra coverage? Oh, you don't have one yet? Now you have options!


Adila F.Q.