My Flat Tummy... Tea!

Do you sometimes have that swollen look? You know what I'm talking about... that puffy neck, face, arms, legs and most importantly stomach look?

Well, It may not be fat. It may actually be about 5 extra pounds of bloat!

I finally figured out how to control this swollen look... instead of eating an entire bag of chips at a time I only eat a few... don't judge me, it's a start! And, the chips are gluten free which makes everything better.

No seriously, I have made quite a few adjustments and have seen huge improvements! Especially during "Punch A Mothersucker" (PMS) time.

So, as usual, I'm sharing with you all in case someone needs to know!

So what is bloat exactly?

The quick answer is water weight that is usually caused by sodium and carbs.

Too much sodium increases blood pressure and make your body retain extra fluid.... aka BLOAT! Also, with a high sodium diet your chance of having heart failure, strokes, stomach cancer and other diseases increase... and ain't nobody got time for that. We tryin' to live!

When you get a chance look a the nutrition label on your foods... especially processed, canned foods and sauces. I bet that sodium count is high! Go on, take a look... am I right?

Another thing... Know your body!! I didn't know mine... but I do now!

Both of my parents are of latino and Caribbean decent so there has always been a lot of garlic and onions in my meals. Garlic and onions are good for you right? WRONG! They may be good for some but they are not good for me.

No, I did not go to an allergist to find this out. Instead I was my own judge and jury. I eliminated garlic and onions then reintroduced them. I did this a few times until I realized how my body reacted... unbearable gas pains in my stomach, face break outs, runny nose, headaches and I also got swollen as fuck! No bueno!

As I always say.. I am no expert. I'm just telling you what works for me, like these natural remedies...


Try doing more of this - running, walking, yoga...

...and this - drink water. Try adding lemons, mint leaves and parsley. These bloat blockers are great for digestion.

Stop doing this - eliminate carbonated beverages...

...and this - no super salty foods!

But again... know your body. You can do as much research as you like but what works for most may not work for you!

If all else fails... A good shit will definitely do the job! But, I'm not gonna talk shit right now. I'll save that for another time.

Try these, or not... your choice but I promise you will feel better if you do!


Adila F.Q.