Nudes For All: Love The Skin You're In!

Things are happening! Band-Aids are expanding their shades to accommodate darker skin tones! This. Feels. Good. Brown kids used to color them brown.... I was that Brown kid!

So this made me think about children and skin tones.... and I remembered an experiment I watched a few years back that is still very relevant today. If you didn't see this experiment when it first aired on CNN you must watch it below. It's pretty fucked up! It captures the raw and disturbing truths of how young Black children view themselves and their skin color. This hit home for me because at their age I wanted to be lighter or white too because being brown was pretty shitty.

My mother used to color Santa Claus brown on our Christmas wrapping paper. I remember hating when she did that. Once, she colored Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Fred brown on my Scooby Doo lunch box. I was so embarrassed. I went to a predominantly white school at that time and I didn't want to be made fun of for having the ugly brown people lunch box.

Skin color issues as a child lead to skin color issues as an adult. Like, that dark skinned asshole I dated who told me we could never have kids because they would be too dark. I laughed it off at the time. But, now that I think back he must've had his own negative childhood complexion experiences. Because, we all did!

So, let's all do your part to stop the conditioning. Watch and learn.