Racism vs. Prejudice And Power

Yes, touchy subject. Feel free to log off if you're not in the mood....

Racism - a belief that one’s race is superior to other races.

Prejudice - an opinion or attitude about a person or group of people that is not based on actual experiences.

Two different meanings... but they can overlap.

Then there's...

Discrimination - treating differently or favoring one social group over another based on standards or criteria.

I know I have some prejudices, but I am not a racist. I've changed my mind about different prejudices once I educated myself and changed my experiences... which is why I'm bringing this up. Education is key! SELF EDUCATE. If your time is limited, educate yourself while sitting on the toilet. Just do it!

But if I think all White people put raisins in potato salad how am I not a racist? Well, Black and Brown people cannot be racist because we don't have the power to pull it off. Black and Brown people can be prejudice but not racist. Prejudice, slavery and colonialism was spread around the world by White people because they were in the position of power.... voila, racism.

FYI, I don't think that way about White people's potato salad. I don't even eat most Black people's potato salad. I love potato salad but I'm not wasting my calories on bad potato salad. So, if my Aunt Sondra didn’t make it, I’m not eating it.

Can White people claim reverse racism?

No, White people are considered the major or dominant race which is why all races outside of the White race are considered minority races. Therefore, there is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is prejudice plus power. White people have the power, always have. The reason all of this is being addressed now is because some White people want change. So, laws will have to be changed... by White people. The "Colored" laws were changed... by White people on paper but not in the hearts of racist White people which is why racism still exists.

Equality - The state of being equal, same rights and opportunities for all.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that has been built on White is right.... even when White was very wrong. That is why we are having this equality battle right now. Shit isn't equal and it's so disappointing that so many people cannot or do not want to admit this.

But Alas... now that some White people are starting to realize that the white way is not the right way, there's hope. Because things won't change unless they change it.

Yes, we can all drink out of the same water fountain and sit anywhere anywhere on buses and in restaurants but I have to go to the "ethnic" aisle just to get some damn shampoo and I still can’t find a good nude bra. A White woman I worked with really asked me why Black women wear black bras.... well, I have three "nude-ish" options black, white and beige. None are my color and I look ridiculous in white and beige so black wins.

But I digress....

This is hard for some people to understand.... But do they want to?

I hope you learned more from this than what kind of potato salad I like. If not, do yourself a favor and SELF EDUCATE!


Adila F.Q.