Bills, Bags and Bullsh*t.... 10 Ways To Shop Smarter

"Now that I saved some money during lockdown I'm going thru shopping withdrawal. Please help!"

I received this from a new subscriber and thought I should respond here in case anyone else can use these tips!

I have always had a love hate relationship with shopping. I call it.... Bills, bags and bullshit! The bills are the reality. The bags are therapy. The bullshit is fun!

Here we go!

1. Try It On!

If it does not fit properly in the store I’m not buying it.

I stopped buying the “just in case” pieces.... Just in case I lose weight. Just in case I gain weight.... if I cannot fit my ass, literally, in it today I’m not buying it.

2. Fall in love with it!

If I don’t love it I’m not buying it.... no more maybe thoughts.

Maybe I can get something to go with it later.... Maybe I should get it because it's the last one.

if I don’t love it or have something to coordinate with it today then I’m not buying it.

3. Look Online!

Online shopping can save you some major coins. There are coupon sites and exclusive online sales that many shoppers don't take advantage of. Yes, going to the actual store is fun but sometimes you just can't get there. When you're online you can quickly delete items from the virtual shopping cart when the total starts to add up. Also, I've bought things I did not want because of an annoying overzealous salesperson.

4. Don't Impulse shop!

I used to search for something to buy to make me feel better... maybe a guy pissed me off, maybe my job stressed me out that day. Whatever the reason was it was not smart. I'd buy the trendiest handbags that I now hate to look at or cute designer heels that I can't walk in. If I can't see myself wearing it 5 years from now then I'm not buying it!

5. Use cash or debit card!

It is so easy to hand over your credit card. Especially mine since it's pink. We know damn well we have no business buying that $50 lipstick but when we shop with credit cards we make excuses. Again, not smart. Now, I leave my credit cards at home. I set a budget and bring cash or my bank card... or my husband if he's in a good mood but he is not a fan of the shopping me. This way even if I wanted to spend more I can't.

6. Come back to it!

This one works with number 5. If you are supposed to have it you will, the right way. I had a horrible way of deciding if something was meant to be. If my credit card did not decline the purchase, then it was meant to be. What the hell was I thinking? Absolutely NOT!

7. Look on the sale rack first!

I used to never look at the sale rack. I wanted the new new and would completely ignore last season's markdowns. Ridiculous. Maturity makes us great. Now the sale rack is the first place I look. It just makes better sense and with a good discount I feel like the luckiest bitch ever!.

8. Wait for it to go on sale!

When you're not really sure if it's worth it, just wait for it to go on sale. Because it will and you will be much happier with your purchase. If you're able to snag it on sale then it really was meant to be.

9. Shop alone!

Now that I'm across the country from most of my friends and family this is an easy one for me. No opinions or critics. If you really need a second opinion, call them.

10. Know what flatters your body!

Just because it looks good on someone else does not mean it will look good on you. I have long legs and long arms. I struggle with pant inseam and maxi skirt length all of the time! With all of my other measurements it ain't easy but I'm honest with myself about what is not flattering... which saves me time, money and stress!

Oh and here's a bonus... absolutely no drinking before or during shopping! Even if they offer you some bubbles, just say no! Save the drinks for afterwards when you're celebrating all of your smart purchases! You've been warned!

Hope these help!