So Salty...

I don't know if The Husband really reads these posts... but I will know after this!

We've only been married for a year... but I have over 20 years of dating experience. Shouldn't that qualify me to be a dating expert? Wouldn't 20 years of experience in anything make one a great candidate for the job?


Nothing can prepare you for marriage and living with someone.... especially during a pandemic when you and that someone both work from home.

Here's our timeline...

Met in June 2016.

Engaged in January of 2018.

Married in May 2019.

So we were pretty much at the point where we knew what we wanted and I'm glad I waited because he really is amazing... %89.5 of the time.

If I would've listened to everyone who told me to marry earlier I would've married in my 20s and be miserable or divorced.

Anyway, I wrote all of that so you have some color to this story.... this post is really about some petty shit. SALT!

I started to cook and didn't realize that we are all out of salt. The Husband finished the salt and then went on about his business without mentioning it.

So, I lost my shit over...salt.

I don't remember all of the words I used to express my anger over ...salt.

The Husband probably didn't deserve it. Well, maybe he did about something else but not over ...salt.

He got upset grabbed his keys and said he will be back....

Then I got a text message.

I rethought our whole relationship over some damn SALT! Of course his man brain didn't understand why I was so upset. Trader Joe is only two blocks away, no big deal.

Yes, big fucking deal to me.

It's not because we don't have any salt. It's because I didn't know we did not have any salt so now my cooking expectations is all screwed up. Yes, I could've checked to see if there was salt before I started to cook but who does that? Salt is not something you just run out of all of a sudden! It's a gradual thing... you see it getting low and you buy more! Or, you mention it.

To me, that's like checking to see if you have soap every time you get ready to take a shower... Actually, that has happened too but we have separate bathrooms, which is fucking awesome, so I always have plenty to share!

I always make sure things are replenished before they run out.... but I live with a man now. So shit is just different and I have to adjust to the fact that nothing is a big deal for him and everything is a big deal for me!

I'm really laughing right now.... over some fucking salt. I don't think we will every run out of salt or any other household necessity again!

It's this whole quarantine/pandemic/life fuck making my moods go a little haywire.... then, sprinkle in a little PMS and BOOM! I'm actually proud that petty shit like this is what I get upset about. It could be a lot worse.

What's your salty story?