Today's Cry Was Different... Because I Felt Black Lives Matter.

Today marks the first day in my life where I felt like I belonged, everywhere. What do I mean by this? I mean White people were...nice. Scary, weird nice!

My husband and I went exploring again. Covid hit, gyms shutdown so we got bikes and started riding until I get tired... He can keep going but California hills are serious so I usually quit first.. These bike rides usually take us through unfriendly neighborhoods where we are met with stares of uncertainty by White and Asian faces.

But, today was different.

Today a little boy yelled "Black Lives Matter" and waved at us from his front lawn.

Today a woman pulled up next to us, rolled down her window and said "We love you no matter what color you are".

Today I saw the words R.I,P. George Floyd written in pastel colors on the sidewalk.

Today I saw Black Lives Matter posters on front lawns and on windows.

Today everyone we passed smiled and waived.

Today I cried... I ugly face cried.

Today I felt like my life actually matters.



Adila F.Q.