Tulsa, Oklahoma and June 19th.... Know Your History.

Why now? Because I was not aware what "Juneteenth" was until a few years ago when my IG timeline was flooded with Juneteenth fists. Still, I didn't really care.

Maybe because this was not taught to me in school so in my mind it wasn’t part of my history. Maybe I thought it was another Black People thing that I didn’t want to join.

Or maybe I just didn't give a f*ck.

Whatever the reason is, I didn’t do my research... But my eyes are wide open now!

Here are some facts....

Tulsa Oklahoma Bombings

The Tulsa race war has been called the worst incident of racial violence in American History.

Within an 18 hour period a White mob attacked the residents and businesses of the predominantly Black neighborhood of Greenberg. More than 1,000 businesses and homes were destroyed and hundreds of residents were killed.

June 19th or Juneteenth

In 1863 slavery was outlawed in US territories. However, it was not announced in Texas until years later on June 19th 1865.

June 19th has been celebrated as Freedom Day.

Know your history.... see the links below for more details.