Sista Sista, Just Do Better!

Many Black owned service businesses suck!

Yes, I said it.

This has been my experience and it’s very disappointing.

My attempts to support Black businesses that provide a service usually leave me all pissed off and having to do whatever it is over myself.... after I’ve already paid.

This happened again today with the new cleaning company I used. She was referred by a friend who found her on Thumbtack. When I looked her up myself I saw she was a Black woman and I immediately became hesitant... Buuut, I wanted to support anyway. Her reviews were really good but now I realize they may have been from her friends and family!

She seemed very nice over the phone and in person when she stopped by to give me a quote so I really thought this would be the beginning of a great new business relationship.... NOPE!

When she arrived on cleaning day she started spraying and wiping around stuff... around the paper on the table... around the pen on the counter... not moving anything at all. She wiped and sprayed around whatever was in her way.

“Yall workin me today...” is what she jokingly said while mopping the floor... and she kept on mopping until she mopped her ass out the front door.


No goodbye. No walkthrough to make sure I was satisfied. Nada!

When I realized she was gone I did a quick inspection....

Stovetop wasn’t cleaned.

The outside of the kitchen appliances weren't wiped down.

Toilets and showers were not touched.

I purposely left a piece of paper on the floor as a test.... and it was still there to greet me.


Shortly after her mop out I received an invoice from her... " I hope you are satisfied and I will see you in two weeks"

Um.... no the fuck you won't!

The craziest part about this whole thing is how proud she was of her work.

Look, I am a neat freak so my house isn’t dirty.... may be dusty but definitely not messy dirty.... and most things are in their place so there really isn’t anything outside of the norm for her to do. I’m constantly straightening up during the day because my OCD makes me a little coo coo for cleanliness so this is really an easy job! Also, I don’t even like to use cleaning people. Having someone clean up after me makes me feel very weird and honestly I don’t think anyone can clean my house better than I can. But, after moving into this big ol house with four bathrooms,


This disappointing experience is one of many I've had when I try to support Black businesses... especially businesses that are dominated by another nationality... specifically in the service industry.

Basically... Black people have to stop expecting Black people to support them just because they are Black. Be proud of your work. Besides our matching skin tones show us why we should hire you. Period!

- Adila F.Q.