Will you get the Covid vaccine?

While working in Texas as a Covid crisis nurse in October 2020 I caught the SARS CoV2 virus.

It was awful. I had every symptom imaginable. I have been an ER nurse in the Bronx, NY for 8 years and I have never experienced a virus so devastating. Thankfully, I was able to treat myself with natural remedies while I quarantined in my hotel room before returning home to NYC. Since I have experienced the virus myself I now empathize on a deeper level with patients that I care for with these conditions. This virus literally tries to take your breath away.... which coincidentally has been the theme for POC more frequently these last few years. Never have I had so much appreciation and awareness of each breath until I feared each one could be my last. R.I.Power George Floyd, and all those who have left before him.

As we cautiously look towards new beginnings in 2021 we have a faint light at the end of this dark virusy tunnel... The Covid 19 vaccine. As a nurse I feel it is my duty to do my due diligence so that I can properly educate patients with accurate information. This will allow them to make informed and educated decisions from the facts themselves. Unfortunately, I have been receiving resistance from hospital staff here in the Bronx. These are the same people who are in danger because they are on the frontlines. I find myself having to debunk misinformation that people are getting from social media and lately I have been trying to convince nurses why it is so important that we move towards vaccination.

I received my first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine with much gratitude on 12/30 after vigilantly educating myself and analyzing new and compelling data about the studies performed. Since then I have been administering the vaccine as frequently as possible.

We have all lost a lot, Covid has taken so many of our loved ones away and has caused pain and loneliness that is beyond what any human should have to experience. We must continue to look forward. I encourage everyone to get information from scientific data sources like cdc.gov and if you're in NY 1.nyc.gov (links below)

Get vaccinated, we have seen enough death and now science has given us a tool to try to get ahead of the 8 ball so lets JUST DO IT! It‘s unnatural for us to be isolated from friends and family this long.

Look, I get it. I know the United States has not always been forthcoming when it comes to POC (ie. Tuskegee trials). 2020 was a trying year. We have lost a lot and many of us have faced monumental life changing shifts. I believe 2021 will be awesome. No matter how fearful we my be thanks to a FORCE greater than ourselves we are still present. Again, we now have a vaccine against this invisible enemy that we just met 10 months ago. We must continue to grow as we move closer to the light at the other end of this tunnel together.

- Nurse LP