The Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

When I think of The Ritz-Carlton I think of 5 star everything - service, comfort, food, room quality, etc.! 


But that’s not what I got at the Ritz Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes.

Instead, I feel deceived, hoodwinked...bamboozled!! 


When I entered the cream and gold colored marble lobby I was sure I made the right hotel choice for my short Orlando visit. 

I always have to prove to The Husband you get what you pay for and why 5 Star hotels are always the best choice. It’s a Ritz so I was hoping I’d win this debate again.




The Room:

When we entered our room the smell of mildew punched me in the nose so hard I stood  in the hallway in disbelief trying to air out the room. It was awful!

Maybe it was the old carpet or the walls but whatever it was it was absolutely unacceptable. 


The furniture was chipped and very worn. I looked around the room not understanding what was happening. Who approved this?!

The walls were so thin I could hear everything going on next door. Everything! We had to sleep with the TV on to block the sounds. 



The Pool:

It rained....A lot! I was not able to enjoy the pool because of the rain but it didn't stop other hotel guests. It was pretty crowded and everyone looked like they were having a great time.


The Lobby Bar:

Super cute. If I could’ve slept there I would. Anything is better than the room. 

Great wine. 

Great bartender. 

Great people. 


The Staff:

One word. GREAT! 



The Ritz has been very disappointing my last couple of stays.... and I’m losing my “5 Star hotels are better” argument with The Husband. 

I want to be comfortable in my room as well as the rest of the hotel. 

Unless there has been a recent renovation this will probably be my last Ritz-Carlton stay for a while. Not worth the coins!