Beijing, China

Hotel: Rosewood Beijing

Things You Must Do:

1. Eat at Dadong Restaurant

2. Ride the Tobaggon slide down the Great Wall

3. Go shopping 

4. Visit the Forbidden City

Ahhh... China. The Rosewood Beijing is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in. From arrival to check out everything was perfect. Beautiful room, good food... even ran into Arnold Schwarzenegger in the gym. I was told all sorts negative things about what to expect but I had a lot fun in China. Are the people warm and fuzzy? NO. Are there a lot of people? YES. Will cars run you over even if you have the green light? YES.... I'm from NYC sounds very similar to me. I really had an amazing time.... but I didn't eat much. Did you see that chicken dish? It was cold and misty. No thank you.