Sautéed Spinach & Mushrooms Over Rice

Allium free!

The allium situation really messes up a lot of yummy food options for me. But, it has forced me to be creative in the kitchen with different seasonings. This sautéed spinach and mushroom recipe is one of my faves when I take a break from eating meat. Oh and don't come here for measurements... I "eye" measure... That part is all on you. Gage the amount of people you're cooking for and take it from there. 

Rinse mushrooms





Olive Oil




Umami podwer

White Rice

Sauté mushrooms in pan with enough butter to lightly cover shrooms...


Rinse spinach


Add spinach, salt, pepper, umami powder and olive oil to mushrooms.

Mix together an simma on low eat... I mean heat.


... until it look like so... Sorry, the Panamanian accent keeps kicking in... I meant, looks like this.


** Not all rice is created equally!!

I use Canilla rice because it's easy to cook but please use your favorite rice of choice.

If you're great at steaming rice then 👍🏾 but not everyone is. Here's my way...


1. Pour rice in small pot filling halfway.

2. Fill pot with water then drain... drain slowly so you don't pour out rice.

3.Refill pot with a lot of water and place on high heat.

4. Once the water starts to boil pour out water leaving only enough to cover the top of the rice.

5. Mix a tablespoon of butter in with the rice and cover on low heat.

6. Periodically check a few grains of rice on top. If rice is hard add water in small increments until cooked. If too much water is added rice will be a sorry soggy mess. Also, monitor the rice or it will burn the pan...  



Just find one of those 5 min rice boxes! 🤷🏾‍♀️

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