The Dresser Upgrade!

This started out as kind of a joke... and ended up being kind of amazing!

I hated this brown, outdated dresser. I'm not a dark wood furniture fan at all so I wanted to toss it and get a new one for one of the guest bedrooms in our new home. I told The Husband my plan and he basically said I can toss it... but he wasn't adding a new dresser to the long list of new items I want for the house. So I had to figure something out. And I did! 

If you can wrap gifts then you can totally do this! All I did was cut the fabric into pieces that cover the area... and wrap then staple.



1. Double sided fabric tape

2. Staple gun

3. Scissors


Wine or drink of choice, Hip-hop or R&B

**Tip I used the tape to put the fabric in place and then the staple gun to secure the fabric. 

Most importantly... HAVE FUN!

Be careful when using the staple gun. I stapled my thumb...But because I have a high tolerance for physical pain (mental pain not so much) I didn't know there was a staple in my thumb until I realized there was no staple in the fabric!  

Just be careful!

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