The Bookcase Do-Over

Sooo.... I've been working on getting these guest rooms together. I found the perfect little bookshelf on sale at Wayfair ... who doesn't  love a good sale?

When I finally found the time to open the box and put it together... I hammered, I nailed, etc. But, I wasn't paying attention or maybe it was the wine.... Because I didn't realize until I was down to the last nail that I put the fucking back on backwards. Yup, the white side was on the back and the cardboard brown color was looking at me from the inside. 

I know someone else out there has made this mistake, too. Here's my fix... Remember this when you have a little bookshelf mishap! You will be proud of yourself. I promise!  

This is what happens when I have a little wine while assembling furniture.

I put the back on the front...


So I bought some fabric...


And the front on the back...


Got a staple gun and a few other supplies...


...and did a do-over! I stapled fabric to the inside of the bookcase covering up the brown cardboard! Actually looks better than it was supposed to! 


I'm happy now!

Just like I don't measure when I cook, I don't measure when i'm crafting.. but I need to. I'll call it being a little impatient and  just wanting to get it done.  So, make sure you measure the area that is to be covered so you don't have too much extra fabric... like I did!

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