Need To Get Away?

Yes, take my opinion seriously... you're welcome!
Cancelled! Sit yall asses down for a couple of years and save some money!
- Covid

I will admit it, I'm a very particular traveller! This world has so many beautiful places to explore and I vowed to visit as many as I can while I can.... but I have certain needs.

I need to feel comfortable when I travel, especially where I shower and sleep. I'm talking a white glove clean hotel and it should feel as close to home as possible! I do extensive research. I research hotels, restaurants and things to do up until I'm on the plane. When checking in I've requested room changes so much that The Husband  lets me inspect the room before we get comfortable. I once walked into a room  at an older hotel and there was no shower curtain in the bathroom.... so I threw the whole room away and requested a new one. If they can overlook a shower curtain then they probably overlooked something else and I didn't want to find it! 


Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico


Napa Valley and San Francisco,



Tokyo, Japan

Hotel Tip: A day or two before arriving, call the hotel and ask for a fresh set of clean linens, including the bedspread. This way you won't get any leftovers from the person who stayed in the room before you. You're welcome!
Beijing, China

Bangkok, Thailand


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Seoul, South Korea

IMG_3123 2.JPG
Torrey Pines Golf, San Diego
Negril, Jamaica